tHe taLkiNg aNt

From the spider’s web and to the bumble bee
Another one more sign for you and me:

Under the earth and in the root of trees,
The marching ants live in colonies

Thousands work, hunt and feed,
Signs are there quite clear indeed!

Like humans ants can stand and walk,
Inspired by Allah they just talk and talk!

In various languages the ants do speak,
With special camouflage they play hide & seek

In daily markets, ants deal and trade,
And when injured they come to each other’s aid!

Protecting the nest, the ants a ‘door’ guard-
Against the enemy, their nest is barred!

They sacrifice themselves whilst fighting other colonies-
Allah is the One Who has given them these abilities!

Nukilan ~ Shohima Abdul Rahman( 29/09/11)

By khairazahra Posted in Poems


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